Black Swamp Bushcraft Gathering

(formally the NW Ohio Bushcraft Campout)

June 1-4th 2023

Bluffton, OH

A working bushcraft and experimental archeology event where we build structures and simple machines to learn the techniques our ancestors use to not only survive, but thrive in a primitive world.

The skills we learn together at the Black Swamp Gatherings will give us a leg up if we ever happen to find ourselves in a survival situation.

What you can see and do:

  • Primitive Woodland Camping (Hammock Friendly)
  • Outdoor Skills Workshops – we’ll be building multiple projects throughout the gathering.
  • Chuckwagon Meals – We don’t have the 2023 details hammered out quite yet, but Dinner and quite possibly other meals and coffee should be available for the campers.
  • Campfire Socializing – Wind down each night with a fire and conversation.
  • Trade / Barter Blanket – Bring your unwanted outdoor gear for trade and barter.

Black Swamp Gathering 2023 Projects:

  • The Viking House – A Viking Longhouse inspired timber A-frame, built using traditional timber framing techniques.
  • Wattle & Daub Round Hut – Drawing from our wattle experience of our 2022 leafy longhouse build, we’ll be building a wattle hut in the round, leaving an oculus in the roof for stargazing and venting smoke.
  • Bushcraft Meat Smoker – A multi-tear smoker using materials the landscape provides.
  • Solar Water Still Revisited – In 2022 we used green leaves to collect drinking water, this year we’ll use a pool of creek water to see if the yead increases.
  • The “All Night Fire” Lay – Based on a promising technique seen online, we’ll put this method to the test.
  • Wilderness First Aid – Registered EMT Bryan Huffman will walk us through a variety of self-aid techniques for issues we might encounter in the backcountry. We’ll build a travois to drag someone over the landscape, make a few splints, and get hands-on with anything else we can think of during this multi-hour workshop.


Attendance is free, but we’re accepting donations for tools, supplies, and camp maintenance.

Ways to connect: