TO MY SON AND DAUGHTERI love you with all of my heart. You are the force that drives me to capture my thoughts and memories so they may be explored in the future. I hope this knowledge may guide you both throughout life’s journeys.

Who: A student of the outdoors, survival, and primitive living skills with a passion for sharing knowledge and skills with others.

What: Educational subject matter on Survival, Bushcraft, Emergency Preparedness, Outdoor Gear, Knives, Adventure, and Exploration.

When: There’s no schedule of releases because the focus is on quality content and my ability to provide it. There are many and more post ideas that will be published as the content is finalized.

Why: To expand everyone’s knowledge of the outdoors and survival with my fellow outdoor enthusiasts, the curious, and knowledge seekers.

Special thanks to my lovely wife, who is my editor and my rock.


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