Budget Bushcraft: Wool Blankets for the Common Man

If you’ve shopped around for wool blankets you’ll know they generally don’t come cheap. I searched high and low, reading many social posts and watching many videos. The general consensus tends to be one of these options; “buy cheap wool moving blankets from Harbor Freight”, “score at Goodwill”, or “save your pennies for a nice 100% wool blanket”.

Well, I know the Harbor Freight blankets weren’t going to satisfy me. They are made from a “mixed blend of fibers” (a.k.a. scraps), thin (only 3lbs) and they are small (60″ x 80″).

The Goodwill might be fine for some, but I don’t enjoy bargain hunting. To me, I spend too much time getting frustrated rooting around piles of unorganized stuff and coming away with very little.

So I thought I was left to saving my pennies. But I wasn’t giving up hope of finding a deal. So I continued to dig while putting a little coin back for my expensive wool blanket.

During my quest for a good wool blanket that wouldn’t break the bank, I only came across 1 company that offered a nice wool blanket for a reasonable price. EKTOS.

Ektos sells a good variety of wool blankets in a generous twin size (66″x90″) ranging from $24 for an 80% wool, up to $59 for a 100% virgin wool blanket. It almost seemed too good to be true. After some deliberation, I decided on the Ektos 90% wool, 4.4lbs (grey) wool blanket for my needs.

I found the 90% wool blanket to be so nice that after a few weeks I then purchased there top of the line virgin wool blanket. The value on the Ektos 100% virgin wool blanket is unbelievable, it’s super soft and luxurious. If I didn’t know better I’d swear the Ektos virgin wool blanket would sell for hundreds of dollars, no joke.

Anyway, here’s an extensive rundown of all the wool blankets Ektos offers.

80% Wool

Ektos “Super Budget” 80% wool, 3.7lbs (brown or navy)

Personally, I wouldn’t purchase this blanket. It’s only $5 cheaper than a blanket nearly a 1lb heavier and 10% more wool content. But if you’re on a really tight budget, I’d still recommend holding out for the next blanket up, unless you’re really wanting a thinner weight blanket.

90% Wool

Ektos “Budget” 90% wool, 4lbs (olive green)

If I were choosing a blanket based on color alone, perhaps for an anorak, I’d choose this one. This might be a great summer wool option, but for the same money you can get a slightly thicker blanket in grey (see below).

Ektos “Budget” 90% wool, 4.4lbs (grey)

This is the blanket I settled on to use for a series of survival classes at the Pathfinder School. I’m very happy with the size, quality, and thickness. I don’t believe you can find a better wool blanket for the money anywhere. While this isn’t an heirloom blanket, I’m fairly certain I’ll be handing this down to my children many years down the road.

100% Wool

Ektos “Budget” 100% wool, 4.4lbs (charcoal)

This blanket I would have bought, had it been available at the time of purchase. This 4.4lb 100% wool blanket is only $10 more than the 90% of the same weight, and 110% worth the upgrade in my opinion. You won’t find any pokey mystery fibers in this dreamy wool covering.

Ektos “HD Budget” 100% wool, 5.5lbs (navy)

I don’t know if you’re ever experienced a wool blanket that was too think, it’s like sleeping in a rolled-up carpet. I’m not certain if that’s the case here, but I wasn’t willing to risk it. If you’re looking for the thickest wool blanket at the best price this one is for you.

Ektos “Premium Budget” 100% virgin wool, 5lbs (natural)

The Cadillac of budget wool blankets, sure to put a smile on any face. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one. I’m going to try my hand at making a canvas bedroll using this premium wool blanket as the star.

In Conclusion

As you can see there really are affordable new wool blankets out there. While these aren’t the desirable “Hudson Bay” wool blankets you see all over the internet they will keep you just as warm and at a fraction of the cost. If you’re a crafty person you might choose one of these to make a blanket shirt, anorak, bedroll or a number of other wool blanket crafts.

I have no affiliation with Ektos, I just really like the quality and value of their blankets.

If you know of any other good budget wool blankets let me know in the comments down below, the more options the better.

12 thoughts on “Budget Bushcraft: Wool Blankets for the Common Man

  1. Hello!
    I read your post a couple of weeks ago and was hoping to purchase several of these awesome blankets. Then I went on Amazon tonight and saw that they are no longer available (all types)- do you happen to have any idea of whether or not they will be restocking these soon? The Ektos website just takes you to the “currently unavailable “ Amazon page.
    Or maybe you could suggest a very good runner up to this blanket?

    1. Hi Ace,
      Unfortunately, I don’t have any leads on the supply. I do know they have been selling well, so my suspension is they are just out of stock for the time being. The last time they were sold out it did take a couple of months to restock. I hope this isn’t the case this time, but logistics in 2020 are hard to wrangle.

      I hope they are able to restock soon. If I see them restocked I’ll leave a comment.


    2. Today I saw that 1, or more, of the Ektos blankets are due to restocked on Amazon on December 1st. I believe they will let you order in advance and they will ship as soon as they receive their shipment.

  2. Your “In Conclusion” should also read “None of these blankets are currently available from Amazon.com.”

    1. Unfortunately, there has been a severe restocking issue with the Ektos blankets in the wake of COVID19. I’ve not seen any comparable alternatives either, hopefully, they will return to stock soon.

  3. they aint worth $10. You’ll be just as warm inside of a 2goSytems Trifecta bivvy,and a couple of 2.3 oz 55 gallon drum liners, tied at your wasted. $90 and 1.5 lbs for the XL. I”m 53″ around at the shoulders, so I can’t get into the regular sized. this is IF you’re on some dry debris that’s between the bivvy and the liners and if you tent the bivvy to a ridgeline. it’s far, far more versatile than a wool blanket, sheds water, with the liners, sheds wind. it’s got a double zipper, so you can wear it like a poncho or lay it out flat like a canopy or tarp.

  4. they aint very warm, good to maybe 30F, if you’re on a pile of dry debris or an insulated sleeping bag. The 2Go Systems Trifecta bag is just as warm, if you’ll tent it to a ridgeline and wrap it in a couple of 55 gallon druliners, $90 and 1.5 lbs for the big one. amd I do mean big.

  5. Bill is missing the point. The point of a wool blanket isn’t to do it with trash bags or anything else. The point is to use a wool blanket. One thing I also use a wool blanket for it going over my nylon bags/quilts et cetera when sleeping near a fire. If an ember lands on your $20 wool blanket then your $300 bag underneath is okay.

    Are there alternatives? Sure! That isn’t the point though.

  6. Bill is being a redacted. Apparently he has an affiliation with whatever system he’s spewing about. Wool is a superior product as far as blankets go. Buy the 100% wool or the 100% virgin wool blanket. Then buy 3 more when you fall in love with the first one.

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