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The Best Survival/Prepper Movies

Looking for an extensive list of survival and apocalyptic movies? Then look no further. I’m outlining the movies I’ve enjoyed below. Whether it’s from the dawn of film or much more recent. I hope you find this film catalog useful. This is a work in progress. I will update this post as I become aware of …

Survive GSO 3.5
Gear Reviews Knives & Tools

SURVIVE! Knives GSO-3.5 Knife Review

This little knife is ready for action with its classic blade shape and ergonomic handle scales. Survive’s Great attention to detail and subtle refinement are what bring Survive Knives to the top of my “go-to” blade pile. Initial Impressions It’s small but mighty. The ergonomics are comfortable, but not perfect, in my large-sized hands. The classic design is perfect …

Trail Repair Kit open
Self-Reliance Survival Kits

DIY Field Repair Kit

While I believe in checking and maintaining gear before you head out, sometimes failure is inevitable. Carrying just a few small repair items can save the day if your gear happens to fail you. If possible I find it best to address gear issues as soon as they become apparent, ignored problems only tend to …